Participant Portal

Privacy Statement

Alegeus Technologies, Inc., a division of the Alegeus Technonlogies Holding Corp supplies the country’s leading benefit debit card. Your employer has chosen our WealthCare Administration System (WealthCare Admin) to provide you with electronic access to one or more accounts under your benefits plan. Alegeus works on your behalf through your Plan Administrator, our customer. Your employer has engaged the services of the Administrator to oversee and manage services offered to you through the various plans offered, including the Alegeus® WealthCare Card.

In order for us to offer the WealthCare Card to you, we must obtain and hold information about you. Some of this information is highly confidential and we are committed to protecting this information. We maintain high standards to safeguard this information and only share your information with your Administrator and your employer. We NEVER rent, sell, or otherwise distribute your information.


We restrict access to your information to our employees who are required to view this information in order to perform their respective responsibilities. All Alegeus employees, who work with our WealthCare Card product and WealthCare Admin, are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement that prohibits them from releasing any of your information, except as necessary in order to fulfill their responsibilities. We also restrict the release of your information to anyone other than your Plan Administrator/Claims Processor and employer.

Alegeus policy is to refer all WealthCare Admin participants to their respective Plan Administrator/Claims Processor for questions and information. If an Alegeus employee needs to speak directly to a WealthCare Admin participants, we may request that you verify security information in order to assure that we are speaking to you and do not release information to anyone other than the WealthCare Admin participant.

Alegeus offers every WealthCare Admin participant on-line access to balance and transaction information through our WealthCare Admin Web site for Employer users and for Employee users. This site is a VeriSign Secure Site and uses SSL technology to protect your personal information against disclosure to third parties. To further assure that your information is protected, you will be required to establish an account record upon your first use of the site. You will establish a private password as well enter additional confidential information that can be used to identify you, including a secure word and your city of birth. Alegeus will NEVER ask you for your password. If you forget your password, you will be prompted to reset it by providing the additional confidential information that you entered when your password was initiated.